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GMF4x4 Performance Series 2.0 shocks for Ford Ranger MK3  (2018-2022)


Our PERFORMANCE series shocks are a 2.0 inch body with an Internal Floating Piston (IFP). Our shocks come pre-assembled for 2" lift, They can be adjusted up or down to your choosing.


Our GEN2 shocks now have rubber bushing on the lower eyelet for longer service life.


Our shocks are adjustable ride height from 0inch lift to 3inch front lift.

Kit includes:
1x Pair front coilovers with pre fitted springs for 2" lift.
1x Pair rear shocks.

You will need our GMF sway-bar links for MK3 Ranger (2018-2022) and MK2 Everest (2018-2022)
Please add these to your cart when purchasing.


Why buy from GMF?

GMF is proud to introduce our new line of racing style shocks. We have designed
these from the ground up using the latest technology available to develop market leading, Our new GEN2 shocks build off our existing foundation for high quality shock absorbers.

Our journey to building a market leading high-performance shock began in mid-2016 with our first development shocks. We had a focus on utilizing the highest quality, and latest CNC machining equipment. In order to create a product that we would be proud to put the GMF brand behind. We have taken our time during research and development to ensure quality instead of rushing to market with a sub-par product. Every single part of the shock is designed by us.

In 2020 we are proud to finally launch our GEN1 Series shocks, aimed at competing with the mid-range shocks in the market.

July 2023 we have released our GEN2 shocks, Thesse are aimed at long service lift and a plush ride quality.

As with all our products, GMF prioritizes quality. We bring you the best quality products through detailed research and development. A fact that is backed in review by our loyal long-term customers. We have invested significantly in our shocks to help keep our designs and visual characteristics unique.


*Disclaimer: GMF4x4 have many Designs, Patents and Trademarks registered in Australia and internationally.


Ford Ranger MK3 GMF Performance Series 2.0 Shocks

SKU: SHOX-2100

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