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About GMF4x4



GMF4x4 is a local Australian manufacturing company, owned operated in Bathurst NSW  that uses locally sourced steel to provide a set of high-quality and durable design-focused products.


We take a great deal of pride in the fantastic reputation associated with our products and services and are dedicated to maintaining this. At the core of our business is our  country-based values and are committed to giving each and every one of our customers an excellent and memorable GMF4x4 experience.

Our steel bars – safety and looks in one sleek package

At the foundation of GMF4x4 is our range of quality, premium bars. Like you, we understand the importance of protecting your vehicle  (and your safety!) from animal strikes and the bush. We think it is important to protect your car, your loved ones and yourself by using the best in the market. And of course it doesn’t hurt if you can do this while looking good – and boy are our design sleek!

GMF4x4 bars look incredible but remain fully functional. The lightweight system we have engineered not only works to maximise strength but it also maximises approach angle and ground clearance. Whilst giving you functionality such as Rated recovery points, Winch compatible, Built in LED driving lights…

Unique designs

All our GMF4x4 bars are engineered for each particular vehicle type and are designed using 3D computer-aided engineering tools. This is then followed up with extensive prototyping and field assessments to fine-tune the product in the real world! The final step, of course, being ADR approved and airbag compliant (remember safety and beauty CAN go together!).

Thank you for supporting local 

Born and raised in the NSW country, the team at GMF4x4 know a thing or too about tough conditions and the need to design products that will withstand some hard yakka!


We are constantly striving to create useful, practical and durable products for your vehicles.

We really appreciate the loyal following of grateful customers that we have and hope to continue to provide you with quality, toughness and sleek designs for all your automotive needs – so that you can get back to what really matters!

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