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  • What should i do if i have an issue?
    GMF4x4 is here to HELP ! If you do have an issue or a question, Please contact us via email and we can get it resolved asap.
  • How long does shipping take?
    When purchasing through our website, we try to post same day or next business day. For all small items we post with Australia post which has a tracking number.
  • Are website items instock?
    All our website items are in stock ready for immediate postage. 99% of website purchases are posted same day or next business day. However, we are human and can make mistakes, If items are purchased and are out of stock, we will be in contact to let you know...
  • How does GMF quality compare to other brands?
    GMF4x4 has been in the 4wd scene since 2011. Our vision is to offer the highest quality products we can produce. Our workmanship and build quality is the highest or one of the highest in the automotive industry...
  • How much extra weight does the bar add?
    The weight of the Bar on the vehicle once you have taken off your plasticware is 50kg. This is not normally a concern for most shocks on the market.
  • Will I need to cut the plastic factory bar?
    No, our front steel bumpers are a FULL bar replacement... That means no cutting of the factory plastic bar.
  • How far out from my car will the bar protrude?
    The bar protrudes from the center of the FORD badge by 12cm (6.5cm more than the factory plastic). Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss measurements further.
  • Will the GMF4x4 Bars work with body lifts?
    Yes – we also sell bars to suit 2” body lifts. Contact us to find out more!
  • How hard is it to install a GMF4x4 Bar?
    It can take time to do so properly - usually an install will take approx. 7 hours (add an additional 2 hours with a winch). However, a lot of customers choose to self-install using the provided GMF4x4 colour manual. We recommend that you have a tradesman to check your work if you are not qualified.
  • Do your bars fit winches?
    Yes, most brands should fit but get in touch with us to discuss a particular brand you are interested in.
  • Is there provision for spotlights?
    Yes there is an option for a small hoop. This hoop comes with two welded tabs for attaching spotlights. The great thing about this is that it also provides a functional yet stylish look and increased protection. As many a farmer in the country says – “Good vision avoids collision”!
  • What do GMF4x4 bars come with?
    Our bars come with: 5mm Aluminium Bash plates. a wiring harness, plug and play into the existing lights harness. By law an isolating switch is needed inside the cab, so if you don’t already have Spotties or similar, then you will need this switch. Our harness allows for wiring all the way to the cab for this.
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